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I have more than one idea for a business, can I sign up for multiple rocket pitches?

Yes! You are welcome to pitch as many business ideas as you like, just make sure to sign up for each business idea separately.

Please note that you can only receive business mentorship for one of your business ideas. If the mentors accept both of your ideas to the second stage of the practicum, you will be given the option to choose which idea you would like to work on.

I participated in the practicum in the past, can i pitch again?

Yes! You are welcome to pitch again.

Please note that if you are pitching the same idea (whether or not it was accepted into stage 2 in the past), you must have made significant changes to the business concept or model for it to be accepted.

My business partner(s) is not a concordia student. Can i still participate?

Yes! You can definitely have partners in the business that are not Concordia students, however the person registered in the practicum must be a Concordia student or recent graduate, must attend all mentorship sessions and be the primary presenter at the $EED competition.

I don't see any rocket pitch dates that suit my schedule. What can i do?

No problem, just let us know when you would be available to pitch and we will do our best to find an alternative for you.

I will be away in the winter semester, can i still participate?

Participants in the Dobson practicum need to be present for key dates in the winter semester. These include the progress pitch and the final $EED competition. You will also need to be available to meet with your mentor on a regular basis.

If you are planning to be away for more than 50% of the winter semester, unfortunately we cannot accept you into the program.