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$EED Winners

2019 $EED Competition winners

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1st Place: Sober AI

sober.AI is an accurate, fast and easy to use sobriety test conducted through a mobile phone using state of the art artificial intelligence. With the recent legalization of marijuana in Canada and certain states in the United-States, the problem of inebriation in situations where consumption is forbidden or illegal will only become bigger, and there seems to be no reliable or accurate means of detection of said consumption. sober.AI, using computer vision and artificial intelligence, solves that problem by giving people an alternative that just works and makes sense. Whether law enforcement uses it to enable them to gain probable cause on people driving under the influence without the introduction of bias, or employers aiming to reduce the number of employees who conduct their jobs under the influence of marijuana such as operating heavy machinery, sober.AI has the potential to save lives and generate money doing so with this non-intrusive sobriety test. Our first-place win at HackHarvard 2018, one of the most prestigious hackathons in North America, is a testament to the technical viability and novelty of sober.AI as well as the interest it spikes.

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2nd Place: DEnovogen

DENOVOGEN is a health technology company focused on the design and development of innovative products and services. We are currently developing an augmented reality platform that aims to ameliorate communication and visualization during minimally invasive procedures.

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3rd Place: FemTherapeutics

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) involves the abnormal descent of the pelvic organs beyond the vaginal walls leading to discomfort in the vagina, leakage of urine and bowel problems. FemTherapeutics is taking a patient-specific approach to treat POP and prevent surgical intervention. FemTherapeutics aims to create a cusomized pessary for each patient based on their unique anatomy, providing a more comfortable and effective solution to the exisiting options.