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Practicum Stages

How the Dobson Practicum Works

Stage 1

Rocket Pitches

  • Concordia students and recent graduates can sign up online to pitch starting in November 2019

  • Entrepreneurs should prepare a 5 minute presentation about their business idea and be prepared for a 10 minute Q&A

  • Entrepreneurs are required to submit a 1-page outline of their business idea

  • Entrepreneurs can be at the idea/concept phase, have already started their research or have already started generating revenues

Below are some quotes from participants in this year's Rocket Pitches:

"Great experience overall. I look forward to meeting my mentor as well as pitching in Round 2 and in the Final, hopefully. Congrats!"

"I think is well organized, and we have a good chance to sell our idea / product/ service. So, great experience."

"I enjoyed the experience and believe that the Q&A was useful and thought-provoking."

Stage 2


  • The top 20 entrepreneurs selected from the Rocket pitches will be paired with a mentor

  • Entrepreneurs are required to attend a minimum of 2 business workshops (list to be provided) to help them refine their idea, prepare their plan and improve their pitch

  • Entrepreneurs will work with their mentors to refine their business idea and business plan and present a progress update for the chance to compete in the $EED Competition


  • The top 10-12 entrepreneurs will be selected based on the improvement of their business idea and the work with their Mentor as presented in their progress update

  • Entrepreneurs will continue to work with their mentors, improving their business plan and pitch

  • Finalists may be split into two streams: Concept Validation and Market Ready depending on the stage of their business

  • Finalists will have the opportunity to compete in the $EED Competition on April 17, 2020 for a chance to win part of $10,000 in start-up capital